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Restore Word Document on Mac OS X

Basically Mac is an OS which operates the same as Windows OS but Mac users are also susceptible to data loss situations. Usually word doc files from the Mac computer may disappear because of unknown reasons or you may delete them accidentally. The Word documents on Mac could be deleted or lost because of virus attack, hard drive corruption, power failure, partition corruption, and accidental deletion of partition, improper system shutdown plus some faulty firmware. So in such situation to recover Word documents on Mac, you need to make use of reliable office file recovery software.

The Mac computer incorporates a Trash, similar to that of Recycle Bin in Windows OS, in which all deleted files are stored. After deleting Word Doc, just in case for those who have noticed that file is vital so you want it, then you can easily recover it from the Trash. But, there are many data loss scenarios where the Trash Bin isn't beneficial to recover lost Word Doc. You will need to make use of some third party recovery tool to restore lost documents on Mac. It can also be used to perform lost document recovery from all kinds of other removable storage media.

The most latest Apple computers are upgraded with the Leopard operating system plus it contains a built-in recovery application known as Time Machine. This local Time Machine utility can recover deleted files easily. Whenever the files are deleted, Time Machine lets you return the location that the files are existed and it will restore word doc on Mac OS X in their original format. In addition to the Time Machine, you can also utilize Backup application of Mac in order to restore deleted files. But, Time Machine is effective only in a few instances and will not support recovery of files if the reason for data loss is severe. So in such cases you need to employ some third party recovery tools to recover lost Word Docs on Mac OS X.

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The recovery applications might be available in both paid and cost free on internet. The most widely used tool for recovering word documents file is Mac office file recovery software. It can recover various file types on Mac such as photos, music and text document effectively since it has strong inbuilt recovery engine. This application can even restore inaccessible word docx files corrupted due to abrupt system shutdown and errors while opening the word files. To recover files, first it scans entire drive for lost files within matter of minutes using inbuilt scanning algorithm. It might support to extract file from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT 32 volumes or logical drives. After the files are recovered, you can view all recovered information using “File Type View” or “Data Type View” option, which have been provided in the software. You can also obtain the free demo form of the application to estimate file recovery before selecting the complete sort of the software. You can perform Excel File recovery to recover Microsoft Excel files using this office file recovery software.

Steps to recover word document on Mac:

Step 1: Download and install Office FIle Recovery Software then launch retrieve lost word files. Select “Recover Files” option from main screen as shown in Figure 1.

Word File Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files” option from next window to recover deleted/lost Word Documents as shown in Figure 2

Recover Word File - Select Recover Deleted Files option

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate option

Step 3: From the next window, select logical drive from the list of logical drives and then click “Next” button as shown in Figure 3. The list of file formats that can be recovered is displayed. Select doc file formats to recover Word files then click “Next” button. The software starts scanning process.

Windows File Recovery - Select Logical Drive

Figure 3 : Select Logical Drive

Step 4: After scanning, view recovered Word files using File Type/ Data Type view as shown in Figure 4.

View Recovered Word File window

Figure 4 : View Recovered Word File

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