Recovering Deleted Word Document on Mac

Microsoft Office is an excellent tool to create Word documents. Nowadays, most of the users like students, teachers, professors, corporate people etc. prefer to use this tool to prepare notes, project thesis report and so on. It consumes lot of time in preparing any notes or project related thesis report and losing such a Word document is very disgusting to anyone. Most of the Mac users still thinks that it is not possible to recover deleted Microsoft Word document on Mac. But, it is not true and the fact is deleted Word document recovery on Mac is possible with the help of powerful data recovery software.

Office File Recovery Software is one such powerful and trusted data recovery tool to recover deleted Microsoft Word document on Mac very easily. You have to follow few simple steps to retrieve missing Word files on your Mac system. Just launch the demo version of this software on your Mac system and run the application. Select the drive from where you have lost your Word file for scanning and initiate the scanning process. Once retrieving missing Word document on Mac is finished, this tool provides you the option called “Save Recovery Session” using which you can save recovery process and once you purchase this software, you can resume the saved recovery process using “Open Recovery Session” option. You can even view the recovered Word documents by just clicking on Preview option in the demo version itself.

Scenarios which cause deletion of Word Documents on Mac:

Emptying Trash Folder: The most common reason for the deletion of your Word document on your Mac system is emptying Trash folder. Sometimes, you might have accidentally deleted your important Word document and it will be moved to Trash folder.

Accidental Deletion using Command Prompt: Sometimes, your Word documents may get deleted due to accidental deletion using command prompt on your Macintosh computer.

Abrupt Shutdown of the System: Improper shutdown of your Mac system while accessing your Word document may sometimes lead to deletion from your Mac system.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, your Word documents will get deleted due to various other reasons like errors while transferring large amount of Word documents, unintentional formatting etc. But, whatever may be the reason behind deletion of Word documents, Office File Recovery Software can effortlessly recover deleted Microsoft Word document on Mac. It is designed using special algorithms which makes easy to recover deleted Microsoft Word document on Mac .

Features of Office Recovery Software:

Office File Recovery Software is capable of retrieving deleted doc and docx files created on all the versions of Microsoft Office tool such as Office 2000, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010. It is compatible on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems such as Mavericks, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc. If you have accidentally deleted your Word documents on your Windows system, then no need to worry as this software is even compatible on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, etc. You can employ this software to recover deleted Microsoft Word document on Mac based HFS, HFS +, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT formatted hard drive partitions. It can not only restore deleted Word document on Mac, but also it can recover Word documents lost due to formatting of your Mac Volume.

This software can also restore Word docx documents and doc documents from different portable data storage devices like external hard drive, pen drive, SD card, memory card, SDHC card, SDXC card, XD card and many more. The recovered files can be sorted on the basis of file name, file type, file size and date. Besides Word documents, this tool, can also recover deleted PowerPoint files, spread sheets, Excel files, Access files and many more. You can save the recovered Word documents to any removable storage devices like external hard drive, USB Flash drive, DVD, pen drive and so on. You can compress very large sized Word documents in order to save free disk space.

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Things to Remember:

1. Once losing your important doc or docx files from your Mac system, then don’t save any new files on your system and immediately make use of this software to recover deleted or lost doc and docx files on your Mac computer.

2. Be careful while emptying the Trash folder on your Macintosh computer. If you find any accidentally deleted doc and docx files, restore back immediately them to their original location.

3. Avoid ejection of your removable data storage device from the system while transferring doc or docx files. Use safe mode while removing removable storage device from your Mac system.

Steps to recover Microsoft word document on Mac:

Step 1: Download and install Office FIle Recovery Software then launch retrieve lost word files. Select “Recover Files” option from main screen as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Deleted Microsoft Word Document Mac - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files” option from next window to recover deleted/lost Word Documents as shown in Figure 2

Recover Deleted Microsoft Word Document Mac - Select Recover Deleted Files option

Figure 2 : Select Suitable option

Step 3: From the next window, select logical drive from the list of logical drives and then click “Next” button as shown in Figure 3. The list of file formats that can be recovered is displayed. Select doc file formats to recover Word files then click “Next” button. The software starts scanning process.

Recover Deleted Microsoft Word Document Mac - Select Logical Drive

Figure 3 : Select Logical Drive

Step 4: After scanning, view recovered Word files using File Type/ Data Type view as shown in Figure 4.

Recover Deleted Microsoft Word Document Mac - View Recovered Word File window

Figure 4 : View Recovered Word File

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